Why We Should Be Talking About Food Sovereignty Not Veganism

Now, I’m not against veganism. I think it can be a good option for those looking to live more kindly towards animals and more sustainably. However, veganism doesn’t address the full range of ethical issues facing our current food system. When you focus on what kinds of food you eat instead of where your food … Read moreWhy We Should Be Talking About Food Sovereignty Not Veganism

Guide To Ethical Thrifting

Fast fashion, which refers to the low cost mass production of poor quality clothing for high profits, is an undoubtedly unsustainable industry. However, while the negative effects of fast fashion are easy to see, finding an ethical solution is less simple. In the past decade, as people have become more aware of the dangers of … Read moreGuide To Ethical Thrifting

How To Make Your Environmentalism More Intersectional

make your environmentalism intersectional

Intersectionality is a term coined by lawyer, scholar, and advocate Kimberlé Crenshaw, which encompasses the overlap between various aspects of identity such as race and gender, and how these influence individuals’ experiences. When combined with environmentalism, which focuses on protecting the environment, intersectional environmentalism concentrates on understanding and addressing how social justice and environmental issues … Read moreHow To Make Your Environmentalism More Intersectional

Reevaluating Sustainability and Privilege

For a few months now, I’ve been on hiatus from The Sustainable Awakening. I’ve been reconsidering my own views on sustainability and what I want this site to focus on moving forward. Just this past summer, I was so sure how I felt. I believed strongly that global warming could be solved by individuals making … Read moreReevaluating Sustainability and Privilege

How To Tell if a Zoo Is Ethical

Zoos have become a relatively controversial issue in the conversation about the ethical treatment of animals. Many zoos have been found to be problematic, providing dismal and even negligent habitats for their animals.  Such zoos may have small habitats, lack opportunities for animals to participate in activities that they do in the wild (burrowing, running, … Read moreHow To Tell if a Zoo Is Ethical

How To Prepare for a Low Waste Week

homemade oat milk, a low waste essential

A great way to ensure you produce minimal waste is to dedicate a free day/period of time (depending on your schedule) towards preparing everything you might need during the week. This way, you won’t be rushed to get these things last minute, which might lead to less eco-friendly choices. Personally, I prefer to do this … Read moreHow To Prepare for a Low Waste Week

Guide To Shopping Locally

Locally grown strawberries, cherries, and radishes from the famers market

Everytime you buy something, you’re casting your vote about what you want to see companies do in the future. When you shop from a store like Walmart, you’re saying that the way they source and sell their products is acceptable. However, when you choose to support small businesses that sell locally made products sourced more … Read moreGuide To Shopping Locally

Hawaii Hibiscus Photo Series

Lush orange hibiscus against a backdrop of palm trees

Hibiscus will always hold special place in my heart. Their vibrant petals make me dream of tropical summers and misty breezes.  This spring, I visited Kaua’i Hawaii. Everywhere I went, lush hibiscus seemed to blossom. During downpours, the rain drops stuck to those flowers, perfect and still.  Someday soon I plan to grow my own … Read moreHawaii Hibiscus Photo Series