How to Tell if a Zoo is Ethical

Zoos have become a relatively controversial issue in the conversation of ethical animal treatment. Many zoos have been found to be problematic. Some of them provide such dismal habitats for animals that they’re downright depressing. There are many different problems zoos can have such as: small cages, lack of opportunities for animals to do activities … Read moreHow to Tell if a Zoo is Ethical

Hawaii Hibiscus Photo Series

Lush orange hibiscus against a backdrop of palm trees

Hibiscus will always hold special place in my heart. Their vibrant petals make me dream of tropical summers and misty breezes.  This spring, I visited Kaua’i Hawaii. Everywhere I went, lush hibiscus seemed to blossom. During downpours, the rain drops stuck to those flowers, perfect and still.  Someday soon I plan to grow my own … Read moreHawaii Hibiscus Photo Series