Being in nature is magic

Five Easy Ways To Get Closer To Nature

Choose One Aspect of Nature to Observe

The next time you spend time in nature, focus on one animal, plant, or area of the landscape. Watch it live. Learn from it.

I personally love to watch animals. Last time I went on a hike I had an opportunity to watch a squirrel eat. I was amazed by their focus. Nothing in the world seemed to matter besides their meal. They were totally in the moment. Earth will teach you if you pay attention.

Do a Sun or Moon Salutation Outdoors

Do a sun or moon salutation sequence under the sun or moon. Take it as an opportunity to honor them.

Try to do moon salutations at least once a month. A beautiful time to do so is under the full moon. Think of your body as the ocean’s tide, let it be moved by the moon.

Do a sun salutation outside during the day. A lovely time is sunrise or sunset. Face the sun and take this time to appreciate all the ways it provides for you.

Close your Eyes

The next time you’re outdoors, even if it’s for the walk from your door to your car, take a minute to close your eyes. Enjoy nature through some of the other senses.

Inhale deeply. Listen to the wind and the animals. Reserve this minute for you and nature alone to be at peace.

Close your eyes and breath

Go Barefoot

If you can, spend time wandering outside without your shoes. This practice, commonly called earthing, is said to improve your health and energy levels through connection with the Earth.

To ground myself, I like to stand strong and imagine earth’s energy entering from the bottom of my feet.

Be Creative Outside

Take your creative projects outdoors next time. Find inspiration in nature. Paint in your garden, sing for a ladybug, recite your poetry to the moon.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re “good” at art, which is a problematic concept in itself. If you want, you can do the crafts you did as a kid. Play with clay (you can always destroy it if you don’t like it), make a collage with magazines and a glue stick, create anything you want to.

Thank The Earth

Lastly, take the time to thank the earth. It can be an elaborate ritual where you dance and make a feast; or, it can be as easy as touching a tree and saying a few kind words.

Just make sure to show gratitude to the Earth for all the gifts it’s given you.

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