What is The Sustainable Awakening?

The Sustainable Awakening is a site dedicated to promoting intersectional environmentalism and nature appreciation.

Why Intersectional Environmentalism?

We believe that environmental issues are complex. We all share the Earth, which means there are many stakeholders in its well-being. And each has their own idea about how best to manage it.

The Sustainable Awakening acknowledges this, and we try to address each issue with the consideration it deserves. We aim to be mindful of how various communities are impacted by environmental concerns the best way we know how: through intersectional environmentalism. 

But we also know that we can’t always thoroughly represent every perspective on a given issue. So we make sure to provide extra learning resources when possible.

Why Nature Appreciation?

We recognize that these are dark times we’re living in. It can be hard to stay hopeful when everything feels so close to collapsing. So it’s necessary to remember what we’re fighting for. That is why we work to encourage people to connect with and appreciate nature.